What is The Organization Of Eternal Community?

The Organization of Eternal Community was conceived by its founder Adam Stake in 2006 after an awakening in the prior years. Adam was dismayed by the gross amount of corruption and injustice in the world and his proposed solution was The Organization of Eternal Community. The O.E.C., for short, would help humanity overcome its destructive nature so that it would survive on Earth sustainably in the long term.


The O.E.C. multiple projects which are currently in development and we need help to get them off the ground. Whether by monetary donation or volunteer time, your help is greatly appreciated. Current projects are   

1.  Plant Based Street Dinners

2.  Extreme Makeover: Homeless Edition

3.  Nebraska Lifestyle Medicine Clinic

4.  Farm Sanctuary Nebraska

5.  Gage County CO-OP: Back to the Future

Faith and Inspiration

Today there seems to be an epidemic of apathy. Many organizations seek to fill the void but few do. Many if not most of our interpersonal connections seem shallow and lacking compassion. The O.E.C. seeks to provide much needed insight into these issues and lead us into a more harmonious and genuine way of being.